Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Golf Architecture's 18 Commandments

  1. Thou shall build golf courses that are enjoyable for average golfers and intriguing to better golfers
  2. You shall not force every golf course to be a par 72
  3. Thou shall not make every Par 3 hole play downhill
  4. Thou shall avoid using the same percent slope on every feature, it's unnatural and nature isn't perfect
  5. You shall not move more soil than necessary
  6. Thou shall not copy golf holes or template holes
  7. Thou shall foster and accommodate the ground game
  8. Thou shall consider desired green speeds when designing green contours
  9. You shall not make all of your golf courses look alike
  10. Thou shall not force the same strategy on every hole
  11. Thou shall embrace originality in design
  12. Thou shall not use water features excessively and artificially
  13. Remember, forward tees need better angles and more elevation, back tees don't have to be elevated
  14. Honor the owner by being on site more and spending money as if it were your own
  15. Thou shall consider green construction methods that work better and cost less than USGA specs
  16. Remember that man made features should appear natural and reflect the surroundings
  17. Thou shall not worship Big Name Architects
  18. Thou shalt not worship Golden Era Architects