Sunday, June 26, 2016

Presidio Golf Course Renovation, Hole #13

The 13th hole at the Presidio faced a significant challenge until Mother Nature intervened. A beautiful Coastal Live Oak had grown over the years and was blocking the view of hole. Eventually, gravity and heavy rains toppled the tree and enabled the renovation of this wonderful hole to be completed. 

After the Renovation in 2016

Without the tree in 2013

With the tree in 2009

The team of Superintendent, Brian Nettz, General Manager, Don Chelemedos, and contractor Kaminski Golf Construction, once again, did some tremendous renovation work. The bunker changes are plainly evident but take a look at the ridge in back of the green and the subtle movement that was added. Prior to the renovation, it was one of those, all too common, Northern California, overtly uniform dike-like earth forms.

More pictures of the renovation to come! 

Suny Zokol Golf Design